Essays on Chasing Black Swans

Chase Your Black Swans

A "black swan" is an unpredictable, outlier event that turns everything upside down.When you bring up the eponymous 2007 book by Taleb, most people tend to only remember black swans as negative and disastrous. (Like financial crises).But black swans can also be serendipitous events, leading to positive changes like... life-saving inventions, transcendent moments of artistic genius, breakthrough discoveries that forever alter the trajectory of the human race.You can take this concept down a notch to a personal level too. What's a dream you've carried since your youth -- that if achieved -- would provide asymmetrical rewards and utterly upend your life for the better? What's your "impossible" goal? The thing you got laughed at and shelved and forgot?I want to talk about those black swans. When was the last time you thought about your black swans?

Something Is Very Wrong

Right now, I'm seeing some of the best minds of our generation making "content" for algorithms, arguing with trolls, fighting bots. A.I. plagiarizing the hard work of creatives. Our smartest chasing crypto.We hustle. We grind. We exhaust ourselves into oblivion. And for what?I hit my 40s during the Pandemic. Summer of '22, I got COVID. And as I laid on the floor in my closet, trapped by an unbearable, blinding headache, unable to do anything but face my own existence (for the first time since my untethered twenties)...I began to ask the "big questions" again.  What did all this mean? This life I've built. This career I've chosen. Did I go after what I truly wanted out of life... or did I "play the game" the way they wanted me to?

We're Meant to Be More

Who are we even? Have we forgotten ourselves?Consider this: Your brain has 86 billion neurons firing at speeds faster than F1 race cars. Instead of 1s and 0s, you have 3,000 distinct types of brain cells to encode data. Altogether, you have one quadrillion bytes of storage capacity.And all this runs on just 12 watts. (That's less energy than what a CFL lightbulb needs!)This beautiful, unapologetically powerful organ between your ears is truly a thing of wonder: it can compose symphonies, smash atoms, design skyscrapers, invent languages, edit genomes... create worlds.You were made to build, to create, to dream. When did we give up? Who told us to play it safe? And why did we listen?

What Is Osmosis?

Osmosis is an ongoing collection of short, quick essays written by me, Colin Y.J. Chung, (and sometimes by friends) as we explore the themes of creativity, discernment, resilience, courage, and expression... the tools needed to chase black swans.Osmosis is about going after those dreams we put off, avoided, and deferred. Willingly stepping into the chaos and uncertainty again. Doing it in spite of the high failure rate, knowing full well the end goal is an "impossibility", and it's out of our control.To be clear, Osmosis is my personal exploration on the above themes. I do not claim to be an authority on any of this. I'm simply sharing what I learn on my own personal journey.

Who Am I?

I'm a co-founder of Plural Inc., a portfolio of businesses that include Plural Healthcare (a mental health IOP based in St. Louis), a marketing agency, and a digital media company.Based in the suburbs of Vancouver B.C., I'm a father of three monsters, I speak pop culture fluently, and I'm currently obsessed with 16th C. history (the Renaissance & Reformation) for my own black swan: becoming a published novelist.A lot of my writing for Osmosis will be about that journey -- getting good at the craft of storytelling, writing fiction, and honing my creative process, while balancing my other responsibilities. #adultingishard

What You'll Get

Osmosis "micro-essays" will arrive in your inbox Mondays to Fridays. They will be about 250-400 words. My goal is to share one idea, or one insight, or a piece of inspiration each issue. Something I found that helped me with chasing my black swan... and hopefully with you and yours as well.Now, there's a "secret agenda" to Osmosis: I don't see it as a "newsletter" so much as a directory of interesting people doing interesting things. Through Osmosis, I hope to meet, connect, and share ideas with like-minded individuals.The fact you've read this far tells me you may be one; one of the crazy ones... a misfit, a rebel, a weirdo. Someone who's just delusional enough (a troublemaker who bashes against the status quo) to chase a black swan. I truly look forward to your feedback, replies and thoughts.

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