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Every month, I read 2-3 books on human behavior, marketing, and storytelling. I destroy them. I highlight, dog ear, and write notes in the margins.

And then -- I share my best insights with you in a newsletter called Osmosis Weekly...

WARNING: Reading Osmosis May Cause The Following Side Effects:

  • Increased persuasive capability
  • Refined sense of social situations
  • Improved marketing and sales skills
  • Upgraded resilience against manipulation
  • Unexpected generation of viral "sticky ideas"
  • Augmented understanding of power dynamics
  • Enhanced ability to write messages that resonate

Your Host:

Hey, I'm Colin. I've hired, trained, mentored, copy-chief'd, and written direct response copy (DRC) for 15 years. Clients include: Agora, Jim Kwik, John Carlton, Brian Tracy, Ava Jane Kitchens, and Pineapple. Stuff I've written (and consulted on) has driven an estimated $250M in direct sales.

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