What Is Osmosis?

Osmosis is an ongoing collection of essays written by me, Colin Y.J. Chung, delivered to your inbox a few times each month. (It's basically a newsletter, but don't tell anyone.)Topics include history, literature, media, culture, geopolitics, technology, creativity... wherever my curiosity leads me, but with insights through the lens of a marketer... my profession over the past 15 years.Because of this perspective, my essays will tilt towards understanding the factors that influence human behavior, like persuasion, manipulation, power dynamics, storytelling, and institutions.Also, as an English Lit drop-out and aspiring novelist, you'll also get my dissection and snobbish elitist thoughts on art, story, film, fiction, music, etc.

Who Am I?

I'm a co-founder of Plural Inc., a portfolio of businesses that include Plural Healthcare (a mental health IOP based in St. Louis), a marketing agency, and a digital media company.I've hired, trained, and written direct response copy for over 15 years in the nutraceutical, financial publishing, and creator space. Clients include Agora, Jim Kwik, and Brian Tracy. Funnels I've written and consulted on has generated over $250M in direct revenue.Based in the suburbs of Vancouver B.C., I'm a father of three monsters, I speak pop culture fluently, and I'm currently obsessed with 16th C. history (the Renaissance & Reformation) for a fiction project.

What You'll Get

Every month, you'll get one to three essays sent directly to your inbox. Or zero. Osmosis is a low-key non-monetized project for me. I don't think of it as a "newsletter" so much as a directory of interesting people doing interesting things. The fact you've read this far tells me you might be one.My essays run anywhere from 2,000 to 5,000 words. They are long. They are not "easy-to-digest". Hopefully though, they are insightful, and gives you a new framework to see the world. If anything, there will always be interesting tidbits and trivia you can throw around at your next social event to impress people with. Might even get you laid, but most likely the opposite.

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© 2021-2023 Plural Inc. All rights reserved. All photography on this page was taken by me (and therefore copyright to Colin Y.J. Chung), save the office one. That one is by Johann Shih. For the curious, the library is Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland (yes, the one you see in the pilot of Apple+/David Goyer's Foundation). The Zodiac Wheel is graffiti found in the Tower of London carved in May of 1561 by Hew Draper, a Bristol innkeeper accused of sorcery. He pled "not guilty" and there are no records of his death. oooh, spoooky. The entrance behind the opt-in form is Newgrange, a passage tomb from 3200 BC in Brú na Bóinne, Ireland.

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Hey, thank you for being here. I'm honoured by your presence. By clicking on the blue button in that email, you're telling me you actually want my stuff. That means a lot to me.I look forward to sharing my thoughts, insights, and analysis with you. I hope you share yours as well... when whatever I write evokes (or provokes) something in you.To be honest, my secret agenda at Osmosis is to attract and meet interesting people via my writing. So if you have a unique experience, expertise, or an opinion to share, please do. Simply hit reply to any of my emails.That's it for now. I'll see you in your inbox.Stay Osmotic,
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Hey, I'm sorry Osmosis didn't work out for you, but also -- thank you for reading my work and giving it a try. I hope we cross paths again in the future.Stay Osmotic,
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